Yes, you are right. There are literally billions of books present on earth today and it can be crippling sometimes to decide which one to pick. Psychologist Barry Schwartz gave a TED talk a while back titled “Paradox of Choice” and shared a story on how complex decision making is getting these days. He said that decades ago it is quite easy to get a jean trouser at a boutique because there were probably only 4 types of jeans and about hundred of each. You wear whatever you get, whether it fits you or not; whether you like it or not. But now, you go to the boutique and you have probably 25 different pairs of jeans.  Dr. Schwartz said this “limitless” option makes it difficult to pick a jean or even dislike/regret your choice if you see a better pair on your brother 2 weeks later.

I think the same concept applies when deciding the book to read. A major reason why some people don’t read is because of the endless options of books available. We have millions of authors and bestseller books are published on a monthly basis. Prolific authors like John C. Maxwell & Seth Godin has published more books than you can probably read in a year. For readers like you and me, this fact might be disturbing but on the other hand, I think it can be liberating. “Why?” you might ask?

Authors write books to communicate whatever profound/technical ideas, thoughts they have or to share their wisdom & experience to help people. Simply, they seek to offer answers to the questions in the heart of the readers or to inform them. Whenever an author publishes a book, she has something specific that she wants to communicate through the book.

Except you are reading a literature for pleasure, an individual reads because he hopes to get something specific from the book. He hopes to get the something specific that the author planned to pass across. Okay, let us illustrate how this works using practical examples.

There’s James, a Computer Engineer who was recently promoted to the position of the Chief Operating Officer in the organization he works in. James will be wondering how to get the knowledge he’ll need to function effectively in his new responsibility. A possible option is to check online for books that explains to him how to lead a team, inspire people to follow a vision, build an organizational structure & communicate effectively to the team. So I will suggest James get books by authors such as John C. Maxwell (a leadership expert that teaches how to lead a team), Simon Sinek (an author who teaches how to inspire an organization to achieving their goals), Patrick Lencioni (who has written various books on how to put structure to an organization, holding meetings effectively etc)

And there’s Cynthia who is hoping to get married in the next few months. She is in a relationship with her boyfriend and she wants to know how to navigate her relationship with her boyfriend & also prepare for marriage. With these questions in mind, I will suggest she get books like “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” by John Gray or “Think like a man, *** like a woman” by Steve Harvey. And there are thousands of other options on the internet. She can go with whichever one rocks her boat.

I might be able to suggest the appropriate authors to look out for in these cases because I know they are competent and I have learnt a lot from them. So for whatever aspect of life or business you need information on, look up experts in that particular field and get their materials appropriate for your situation.

Humans will always have questions so a book might not be enough to answer all the questions. So you can consider reading more of a particular author since every author is supposedly an expert in whatever field he is. John Maxwell has written tens of books on leadership, Patrick Lencioni on teamwork & organizational structure, Robert Kiyosaki on financial intelligence & investment, even Apostle Paul of ancient scriptures wrote many letters on salvation by faith.

So as you face challenges in a project, job, and your relationships or even in any passion/interest you want to pursue, there are endless books where you will find the appropriate answers to the questions in your heart.

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