It is one of the most prevalent phrases on the internet. Over the years, the phrase – Attitude is everything – has been communicated in various ways but it still passes the same message across – your attitude is important.

Your attitude is the aggregate of your beliefs, feelings and values which unconsciously influences the way you act. The attitude you bring into a situation determines what the outcome of the situation. Let’s go with a popular example. If you go for a public speaking engagement scared, anxious and thinking the audience wants you to fail, then you will fail. Your attitude towards your audience will affect your composure, confidence and presentation.

If your attitude will make or break you, what should be the approach of a writer to writing? Your attitude to writing will influence what you think, feel and value about writing and this will determine how and what you write. I’ll be sharing 3 major things to consider in having a right attitude to writing.

Progress over Perfection. It is human nature to want to impress and what’s the best way to impress people other than to try to express perfection. But the truth is writing is a skill so it requires consistent and deliberate work for us to be excellent at it. Very few people, if none at all, are born exceptionally gifted at writing. It’s a popular opinion that “hard work beats talents if talent is lazy”. So the next time you want to write, make progress your goal, not perfection. Write to be better than your last performance. With progress as your goal, you might end up hitting perfection.

Practicability. This is the quality of being usable. I think this should be a major feature of writing. Anything we write should be useful – it should provide help for someone, answer questions in the heart of someone, improve the technical expertise of another and cheering people up by the way of humour is practicability too. If your writing does not add value to people, then maybe you should not do it. When you add value to people, no matter the measure, you are making the most of your talent, time and resources.

Art. I believe this is an essential aspect of writing. Writing is not only to sell or to motivate people to do things; it is an art. It’s just like singing. A singer who sings only to communicate a message and forgetting it is an art and meant to be enjoyed has missed the point. As your readers read, they should enjoy it. Writing is an art. Express it as such. Put smiles on people’s face. Enable people express emotions. In his book, “Speak to win”, author Brian Tracy said “Your job as a speaker is to motivate and impel your listeners to think, feel, and act differently as the result of your words.” That’s what art does. Art engages people’s emotions and that’s where change comes. Make your readers smile. Help them cry. Let them feel what you are feeling. That’s art and that’s what writing should be about.

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