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Parousiareads is ready to help you distribute your books on major bookstores in Nigeria and online digital stores. We can place your book at our online bookstore and other major online digital stores such as Amazon, Okadabooks, Ficool etc. with all royalties going to you.

For authors in Nigeria who have their books printed already but no sales, we have an created an opportunity for you to sell those books. We will serve as an intermediary between the authors and the buyers (readers). We will market, promote and sell the books, accept payments including shipping fees and pay the authors royalty. All the authors have to do is send the books to the buyers (Readers) through a logistic/courier. (Please reach us for more information about this)

Note: Due to marketing and distribution constraints for Print publishing, we only work with Nigerian authors for now while authors from any country in the world are welcome for E-book publishing.

However, authors who are not in Nigeria but want Print Publishing can reach out to us to further discuss the possibilities.

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