What you need to know about us!

What makes Parousiareads a Christian Publisher? 

Parousiareads began as Parousia Magazine, an online Christian art and literary magazine which was founded in 2015 and has over the years grown to be something big, bigger and better. As a publishing firm, we desire to be the foremost platform where the Knowledge and understanding of God would be made available through literature reaching nations, covering the earth.

We exist to publish the good news, give voice to writers and support the Christian walk of faith.

Do Parousiareads accept only Christian titles?

We are open to tiles that embodies the Christian faith. We will be having a selection of Christian titles to offer our readers yet we welcome titles that covers finance, business, personal development, growth, motivation etc. to the end that the books bring sound edification.

What about marketing?

Marketing and promotions are key ingredients to successful books.  We will make use of our website, mailing lists, social media plus other advertising outlets to get the word out and publicize the author and the book for a period of time.

However, we can create a marketing plan that will suit your budget to further promote you and our books as we encourage strategic continuous book promotion in other to achieve the targeted success.

Can I submit my previously published works?

Parousiareads is willing to accept your previously published works. We will Bring Back the Book again with newness, freshness and publish them to the world with joy in the best way we can.


“Christian publishing industry is NOT about keeping Christians insulated, safe, set apart, or in a bubble. It’s NOT about limiting your ability as a Christian writer to write whatever you want or feel called to. In fact, Christian publishing is about the opposite:

It’s about freedom.”


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