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Are you a Christian writer? Is it your dream to someday, somewhere, have your book read by people? Do you want to be called a published author?
Then, there is good news for you!

Parousia Reads is a Christian Publishing agency that will make your dreams come true. Our diverse offers of services exist solely for this purpose. Sometimes, the only thing a writer wants to do is write, he also strongly wishes to have readers somewhere in the world read his book someday. However, wishing never gets anything done because if it does, even beggars will ride.
There is however a rigorous journey between having your book written and having it read- a journey of publication- and this is where Parousia Reads comes to your aid. The agency takes the bane of publishing away from you. The onus is now on us to review, edit both structure and grammar of your work, review, proofread, design and create preferred layout, publish, print, market, sell and distribute your book at a ridiculously affordable price.
You have what you’ve always wanted just how you want it without having to be stressed about bringing it to reality. We create the strategy, you see the reality and enjoy the results!

In case you already have your book published, don’t fret as you can still enjoy having your book on our online bookstore
What’s more? Uploading your book for sale on our website is absolutely free, takes only a few minutes and your book gets approved within 24 hours. Parousia Reads bookstore has a variety of soft copy books ranging on various topics you can buy from.

At Parousia Reads, we’re dedicated to helping authors build their writing careers. From editorial and production to promotion, distribution, and sales, our focus is on working with our authors to reach our readers. We are committed to providing the highest level of sales and distribution service to authors. With us, be rest assured that the book you are Publishing or buying from our bookstore is the best it could be.
We are ready to help you achieve your dream, visit the services page to check out our services.

We publish a variety of Christian based and General genres such as Poetry, Drama/Play, Fiction, and Non Fiction. This includes Autobiographies, Bible Study, Biography / Memoir, Business/Finance, Christian Education, Christian Living, Devotional, Gift Book, Personal Growth, Relationships/Family, Romance, Theology, Children’s Book (4-8 Years), Children’s Book (8-12 Years) and Young Adult (12+ Years), Picture Books etc.
Be assured that all manuscripts received are treated with the utmost level of confidentiality.
Manuscripts of any lengths are welcomed.


Supplemental Services:

  • Author Interview
  • Book Cover Designs (Front, Back, Full Cover &
    3D Mock-ups)
  • Book Review
  • Issuance of ISBN/ISSN for both
    Print and e-Book
  • Manuscript Editing and
  • E-mail Push Notifications
  • Social Media Promotions on Facebook,
    Instagram and Twitter
  • Sponsored Ad Campaign

We offer these services at a pocket friendly price. Email/Text/WhatsApp or Call us to get the quote.


Phone No: +2347030874764 

Parousiareads is the answer you have been searching for.

Submit your manuscript and proposal for publishing to


Note: Due to marketing and distribution constraints for Print publishing, we work with Nigerian authors only for now while for E-book publishing we welcome authors from around the world. However, authors who want Print Publishing and are not in Nigeria can reach us to further discuss the possibilities.

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